March 11, 2016

Date: Friday 11 March, Time: 15-18 h
Location: Room 5A-23, Wassenaarseweg 52, Leiden, Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen.
The second meeting of this season is devoted to an unusual topic, the evolution and prehistory of music. The main text we shall have a look at is (part of) Gary Tomlinson’s new book, A million years of music. I consider Tomlinson a cultural musicologist par excellence, but much of this subject matter seems to overlap with speculative music cognition. We shall not be deterred by that as we have full confidence in Tomlinson. There is additional reading from an equally new book by Iain Morley, The prehistory of music. This will be post-pause reading, so the fainthearted shall be excused if they can only listen in.
Tomlinson: preface (11-22), chapter I (23-50), chapter VII (237-278), skim the final note (291-298)
Morley: chapter 1 (1-10), chapter 12 (307-325), skim chapter 2 and 11
The links above are at dropbox, and I just realised they have changed their methodology – it’s less smooth than it used to be. Perhaps you will find it easier to download the whole rigmarole from this link
( The link will show the two texts and above them there is a downward arrow, that will initiate a download. Google will warn you that it couldn’t scan for viruses, but as far as I know there aren’t any. So, please do “download anyway”.

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