The main pursuit of this website is its online gazette, which is a dynamic and continuous environment. We have chosen for the iZine (eye-zeen) format rather than a ‘journal’ because there are no deadlines or issues, articles and posts can appear at any moment. It is not peer reviewed, but the community of participants will be the judge of the validity of contributions. In fact we belong to the growing number of critics of the anonymous “referee” peer review system, and strongly believe that open peer review is a much better way of furthering knowledge and understanding (see for instance Rethinking Peer Review). Contributions will of course have to conform to the rules of the academic game. In short, the editors will guard the quality of form, whereas the community of academics will guard the validity of the findings. The idiom of the journal is UK English, and submissions need to be in correct and clear English. Structure and substantiation are expected to be impeccable and we rigorously adhere to the style guide in the guidelines.
If you would like to contribute articles or participate in discussions we have the following options:

  1. comments: you don’t need to have any special privileges
  2. posts and pages: if you are familiar with wordpress we can make you a wordpress author, which means you can create, modify and manage you own posts and pages
  3. submitting an article without becoming a wordpress author: if you just want to submit an article without getting involved in wordpress we can put it up for you; send it as word or pages or rtf. we do however expect you to remain closely involved in any ensuing debates

If you have doubts whether a contribution is suitable for this iZine you may send us a short abstract. We encourage this to avoid disappointment.
For information on the guidelines for admission see the menu “Guidelines for contributors
For the iZine itself go to menu “Articles“, or on the homepage click on one of the articles in the sidebar. Articles in the iZine are wordpress pages, but you can also write short notes in the form of posts, which show up under the discussion menu (for posts you don’t need to follow the guidelines, but please always remain polite and correct [1]).
For any information write to wimvandermeer[at]me.com

[1] The editors will remove posts, comments etc. that are abusive.

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