March 7: Postcolonial musicology (2)

Next meeting:
Friday March 7, 15-18 h, Oude Manhuis Poort room A203
Last time we felt there was much ground to be covered in postcolonial musicology, and Wouter has suggested the following text:
Bloechl – Directions for a Postcolonial Musicology
This is a quite big and interesting article, and not very easy reading. So for the time being we’ll have this as the only text (preface and chapter 1. Perhaps there is still something ‘lighter’ to be added…
During the next meeting we’ll also discuss the ideas for the rest of the semester. As we saw in Solomon’s article there’s a lot of reading mentioned by him that could be interesting, but we still have all options open.
With the demise of Stuart Hall on Feb 10 we thought we could read a short an early article he wrote on popular culture.