April 4: Postcolonial musicology (3)

Next meeting (April 4, 2014) in Oude manhuis poort A203, 15-18h
We have tried hard to find a way of garnishing postcolonial musicology with hard musical practices and came across a very interesting article by Gregory Booth entitled Musicking the Other: Orientalism in the Hindi Cinema. (Clayton, Martin and Bennett Zon (eds.). (2007) Music and Orientalism in the British Empire, 1780-1940s : Portrayal of the East. Aldershot: Ashgate)
The introduction to it will be larded with musical examples from the film Booth is referring to.
In addition we will read a very short article by Tim Taylor from the new book by Gregory Booth and Bradley Shope (Booth, Gregory, and Bradley Shope (eds.). (2014) More Than Bollywood : Studies in Indian Popular Music. Oxford, New York: Oxford university Press.