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Mahrenholz on music and knowledge


Date and time: November 1, 2013
Place: PCHoofthuis, Spuistraat 134, Amsterdam, room 4.22
Introduction by Wim van der Meer

We shall be reading two small articles by Simone Mahrenholz, philosopher “In general I am interested in the various thinking-forms or “logics” that are embedded in our manifold media and symbol-systems – not least those that tend to escape the focus of professional research on ratio and cognition.” Simone Mahrenholz, in stead of asking what we can say about music, asks the question what music can say about us and our world. I consider this approach one of the fundaments of a cultural musicology, the so-called musico-logica. She also does this by applying the cognitive turn in philosophy to the arts.

Apart from that I am including an article in German, that originally had attracted my attention to her work:

Simone will give a masterclass for PhD and rMA students on January 23, in the NICA cycle of lectures.


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