Guidelines for contributors

  • Contact us if you are thinking of contributing an article to Cultural Musicology (culturalmusicology[at] or musicology_uva[at]
  • The style we use is APA
    • References in the text will look like (author year: pages) e.g. (Smith 1867: 23-101)
    • For bibliography see the style guide
    • The idiom however is UK English!
    • Don’t use footnotes. MLA usually uses footnotes, but this is very web unfriendly. Therefore we prefer the APA dialect of Chicago.
    • There is a different kind of footnote, a kind of commentary or subsidiary text. We strongly urge you to avoid this kind of footnote (I know, it can be great fun and sometimes inevitable), but if you have to add it just manually use [n] and the same at the bottom [1]. But think hard before you do this, ask yourself if the information is necessary, and if yes include it in the text, if no leave it out.
  • You are fully responsible for the content. We don’t do peer reviewing. But we do check on fundaments of academia: correct referencing, no plagiarism, clear structure and formulation, correct language etc.
  • The website is a playground for discussion, not primarily a platform for venting your ideas . It is a dynamic environment, unlike printed media, which means you can change your ideas and modify your text. We hope that this organic approach will prove enriching.

[1] This would be the footnote…

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