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Conference program: Overview


Conference on Cultural Musicology, University of Amsterdam


Provisional program

Friday 24 January 2014

09.30   Welcome – coffee

Morning sessions moderated by Anne van Oostrum

10.00   Opening of the conference by Julia Kursell

Tonic by Birgit Abels: Cultural Musicology?

10.45   Session 1: Premises of Cultural Musicology: What and Why?
Timothy D. Taylor: The Absence of Culture in the Study of Music, or, Culture as a Cultural System
Stephen Amico: “Ethn[…]’s” Elisions: Toward a Culturally Situated Musicology
Laudan Nooshin: A rose by any other name …’: ‘Cultural Musicology’ and its Premises

11.45  Coffee

12.15   Reviews and discussions: Referent Rutger Helmerskvnm_logo_wit

13.00  Lunch


Afternoon sessions moderated by Joep Bor

14.00   Session 2: Practices of Cultural Musicology
Katherine Butler Schofield: The New Cultural Histories: of Music/of India
Barbara Titus: Musicologica, or, the ownership of (musical) knowledge, A South African story
Reviews and discussions: Referent Rebecca Erickson

15.00   Session 3: Practices of Cultural Musicology cont.
Tom Solomon: Reflections on music and exile
Tony Langlois: Music, place and identity

15.40  Tea

16.10  Reviews and discussions: Referent Friedlind Riedel

16.30   Session 4: Practices of Cultural Musicology cont.
Simone Krüger: Music, mediation and place: a cultural musicology of the cosmopolitan city
Pirkko Moisala research team: Noticing Music: Sounding Glimpses of Covent Garden as Relational Events

Reviews and discussions: Referent Barend Linders

18.00   Drinks

19.00   Dinner (for speakers, moderators, referents and organisers)

session2Saturday 25 January 2014

Morning sessions moderated by Barend Linders

09.00   Welcome – coffee

09.30   Session 5: Practices of Cultural Musicology cont.
Nicholas Cook: Anatomy of the musical encounter: Debussy and the gamelan, again 
Edward Herbst: Reviving Early Twentieth-Century Balinese Vocal Styles through the Music Recordings of 1928 
Mathew Gelbart: Nineteenth-Century Piano Transcriptions and the Development of Modern Listening

Reviews and discussions: Wouter Capitain

11.15   Coffee

11.45   Session 6: Practices of Cultural Musicology cont.
Richard Widdess: Musical structure, performance and cultural meaning: a dāphā song from Nepal 
Lakshmi Subramanian: Aural Culture: Music and mediations in South Asia

Reviews and discussions: Referent Joep Bor

13.00   Lunch


Afternoon sessions moderated by Emile Wennekes

14.00   Session 7: Practices of Cultural Musicology cont.
Sarah Weiss: Race, Place, and Music: Problematizing Narratives of Nostalgia in Singapore 
Martin Clayton: The culture of Indian music performance
Dard Neuman: Behram Khan and the Heterodox Classicisation of Hindustani Music

Reviews and discussions: Eva-Maria van Straaten

15.30   Tea

16.00   Session 8: Prospects of Cultural Musicology
Annette Wilke: The Nāda-Brahman – Language, Music, and Sonic World-View in Hindu India
Simone Mahrenholz: The Copernican Turn in Musicology, or: Musico-logica and the hidden knowledge in music

Reviews and final discussions: What to expect from cultural musicology? Referent Vincent Meelberg

17.30   Finalis (nyāsa): 
Wim van der Meer:  Concluding remarks and a vote of thanks (ref frame paper)

18.00   Closing of the conference by Julia Kursell