The culturalmusicology.org website

is a platform for publishing articles in, exchanging ideas about and especially exploring practices of cultural musicology. Navel-gazing, discussing the term, defining the boundaries is definitely not our core occupation, pros and contras are proscribed. The website is driven by a team that is currently being put together. Our aim is for the website to become an axle of communication for scholars who are interested in and actively do cultural musicology. The website provides a number of ways in which participants in this community can voice its ideas:

    • the iZine: scholarly articles
    • the blog: short notes inviting debate and discussion
    • commentaries on any of the above
    • the conference to be held January 24-25, 2014 in Amsterdam (a call for papers will go out soon)

webmaster and chief editor: Wim van der Meer (see team)

Many ideas that transpire in this site were developed in the period Birgit Abels and I worked together at Amsterdam University, 2008-2010. We taught a course of cultural musicology together and discussed many aspects of cultural musicology. After that, when Birgit was appointed professor of cultural musicology in Göttingen, we continued sharing thoughts through various forms of communication. Many of the ideas that are put forth on this website arose during those exchanges, though of course I take full responsibility. Also, many ideas emerged during the MA course of cultural musicology I have been teaching since 2007 and surely much credit should go to the challenges my students confronted me with. I specifically also want to mention Wouter Capitain, who has worked as my assistant for this course for the past couple of years and brought up many issues.


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